The very narrow middle ground…

I want to live a  life at the intersection of faith and reason.

It is a very narrow middle ground.

But I want to reconcile the land in the middle and expand it.

If you assert that agnostic means one who doesn’t KNOW, then the truth is we are all agnostic.  None of us KNOW.  We all have beliefs.

So if we can get everyone to acknowledge that all we have is beliefs and not knowledge, then the middle ground is expanded.

Even without faith, if one applies reason, one can take the words of Christ and use them as a guide to lead an abundant life full of grace.

Some of us will be stronger in our beliefs and will assert Christ as a personal savior.

Some of us will not be so certain as to the validity of some of the details, but will be able to embrace Christ’s message of grace.

So our inclusive wording that will allow us to find a middle ground and admit atheists and agnostics into our midst: we ask that you embrace Christ as a guide to live a life full of grace.

God wants us to be free.


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