Tithing… a New Standard

Two thousand years ago, society looked very different than today’s modern society.  If you lost your job, you didn’t run down to the unemployment office.

If you were hungry, you didn’t use your food stamps to buy food.  You went to the church… and the church took care of the poor.

But now, the rich pay a lot of taxes to take care of the poor. We have a governmental social safety net. Now the contributions to the church are used to build huge edifices or state-of-the-art gymnasiums rather than care for the poor.

So we have a church that is quite powerful… and over the past two thousand years, we’ve seen clergy members abuse their power.

At WaterToWine.org, we believe we can spread God’s gift of grace more efficiently and with less corruption than the standard church. Given the social safety net that you pay for with your taxes, we don’t need 10% of your income. We ask our members for 1% of their income. We promise to try and use it wisely to spread the love and grace of God and to reject the corruption and counter-productive behavior of the old school churches.

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