An Inclusive Christianity…

Ours is an inclusive Christianity.  We believe God wants us to be free.

If you believe God wants us to be free, feel free to join us.

Consider for a moment the Catholic church.  They have a ton of beliefs.  I bet the average Catholic agrees with some but not all of the church’s teachings.

In our church, we acknowledge the limit of any one individual’s understanding. No human has perfect knowledge.  So we have a very limited dogma: God wants us to be free.

So, if you are a Catholic (or Methodist or Lutheran, etc.) and believe that God wants us to be free, then you can be a WaterToWine Catholic (or Methodist or Lutheran, etc.).

We want our WaterToWine members to encourage other Catholics (or Methodists or Lutherans, etc.) to live lives of grace and to reject the church’s attempt to control things.

Most conflict is created when there is a struggle for control. When the church gets paternal and tries to control sin, that turns people away from the church.

When the church gets political and tries to control thought via the school board, that turns people away from the church.

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