Room for belief… and disbelief

I have to be honest.  I am but a man and not omniscient.  So therefore, my ‘knowledge of truth’ is imperfect.

I have beliefs and at times have felt spirit filled and beautiful.  At times I’ve had disbelief.

The fundamental values that Christ taught us are so truly and inherently beautiful that they are hard to reject.   The truth He espouses would set us free.

We should judge not.  We shouldn’t try to control each other or punish each other’s sin.  We should ask to have our trespasses forgiven as we have forgiven the trespasses of others.

Jesus brought a message of grace.  The essence is to live and let live.  The essence is freedom.

I believe that message is true and beautiful.  I believe it is a prescription for leading an abundant life.

So let’s assume you have an atheist that is a disbeliever.  A true Christian should not make an atheist feel judged.  A true Christian would treat an atheist with grace.

So we welcome atheists in our midst.  It’s okay for an atheist to doubt things like a six day creation, the story of Noah, the virgin birth, the ascension of Christ, or the validity of Revelations.

All we ask our members is to believe in the beauty of grace and freedom.  If we do that, we can all get along, and live abundant lives in peace and freedom.


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